The Kentico User Group (aka 'KUG') is a collaborative effort by Kentico Partners to provide education, knowledge, and best practices to the community of individuals who work with Kentico CMS / EMS on a regular basis or who are interested in learning more about the Kentico platform. The purpose of KUG is to provide Community - Knowledge - Connections

Kentico User Group is a friendly environment - we like to learn about the good (and the not so good) things that happened with your website and how Kentico is working for you. Like any community, our strength is based on active participation. We are always looking for topic suggestions. We also encourage Kentico partners or end users to present topics that would be of interest to the user community. After each session, we post the slide deck and other information on the Previous Events page.

This website exists to bring together all Kentico User Groups and serves to connect Kentico users to events and resources online or near their location. Site content is being delivered through Kentico Cloud. All KUG content is provided by Kentico partners and user groups around the world. We hope you can use this website to find a KUG of interest to you.

If you have any questions or would like to add your own KUG content, please contact us. You can send any inquiries via email: info@kenticousergroup.org