Kentico 11 Pre-Launch Demo

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 10:00 AM

About the Presentation

Kentico 11 launches on December 11! View the recording for the preview of the latest and greatest features launching with Kentico 11. Jessica MacRoberts from Kentico digs into Kentico 11 to show you what's new and what has changed. Jessica's presentation highlights the new e-mail builder and e-commerce enhancements as well as U-commerce integration. 

Jessica MacRoberts

Jessica is a highly accomplished business development and sales leader with years of experience in the internet and web industries. Jessica is passionate about taking the time to identify the needs of her partners and clients to ensure her products and solutions meet and exceed the expectations set. 

Kentico 11 Demo - Q&A with Jessica MacRoberts

Q: Are there any changes to dynamic e-mail templates?
A: Absolutely. Within the actual email templating yourself, you have the ability to create a more dynamic e-mail template as it is now just going to be within three zones. It’s going to be just in widget zones. You are given the ability to create multiple templates inside the e-mail marketing tab. You are also able to update the code via the template editor for each template you create and to add and remove widgets you choose in your emails to each template you create. Once a template has been created, it is much easier for a less technical individual to go in and make edits simply by adding text in zones that have been created and by adding certain widgets to these e-mail templates.

Q: With the launch of version 11, what version will no longer be supported?
A: Unfortunately, Kentico version 8 will no longer be supported. Kentico always provides support for the current version as well as the two versions before it.

Q: How is the e-commerce piece around tax calculation and how is it handled? Is the tax location-based?
A: You would still utilize an integration with a third party app for that component. You are able to set up a new tax class based on shipping address by clicking into the tax class module and adding the tax percentage based on address for the shipping.

Q: Is the upgrade path from version 9 to 10 and version 10 to 11 still sequential?
A: Yes, you would need to upgrade sequentially, if you were on version 9 and wanted to be on version 11, you would need to upgrade from version 9 to version 10 before doing so. If you do not have a ton of custom code and follow Kentico best practices, this is a very straight forward and seamless process. Kentico provides resources like the KInspector on that can help your search environment for any things you should be cautious of when upgrading your site to a future version. There are also many upgrade expert partners that would be happy to help with any upgrade challenges.

Q: If we are running Kentico version 9 or version 10, why should we upgrade to version 11?
A: One large area to consider here is regarding support. The longer you hold off on upgrading your environment, you may end up running into the problem of your environment no longer being supported by Kentico. If you are doing anything with online marketing and/or e-commerce pieces today, there have been some very significant changes from version 9 to version 11, and even from version 10 to version 11. One of the biggest components in the latest version from version 9 to the latest version is the GDPR component – this is not as big in the U.S. as of right now, but this is a very large data protection area. This is not supported in version 9 or version 10, but is fully supported in version 11.

Q: How long after version 11 is released do you expect Kentico version 10 upgrade code and upgrade utility to be released?
A: This is released at the same time. As soon as 11 is released, you will find the upgrade information in the download area via the DevNet.

Q: Would Kentico consider splitting off into two different CMS packages: one for those not using the emails and e-commerce pieces, as these seem to be big changes in the latest version?
A: If a client is not using the email and e-commerce components, you can simply turn them off in the background. The enhancements that are being made between versions are in large part to the feedback Kentico is receiving through the forum from Kentico users. If you have enhancements that you would like to see, be sure to use that platform to voice your opinion by selecting the help button in your environment and selecting ‘request a new feature’. Kentico is currently focusing on the capabilities of supporting .Net Core and MVC which are hopefully going to be released as a minor release coming next year or in V12.

Q: Does Kentico have the ability to connect to a third party tax platform such as Sabrix or Vertex?
A: Yes, with the restful API you have the ability to connect with any third party tax platforms! As long as the destination has an API that Kentico can tie into, you can absolutely tie into the integration.