Kentico EMS API Deep Dive

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 10:00 AM

The next Kentico User Group is scheduled for 8/19/15

Brian McKeiver Kentico MVP at Bizstream will be the presenter presenting "Kentico EMS API Deep Dive"

The Kentico Online Marketing solution simplifies sophisticated digital marketing. The system provides an amazing out of the box feature set. But what if you need to integrate or customize the Kentico feature set? Attend this webinar, hosted by Kentico MVP Brian McKeiver, to find out how.

During the Kentico EMS API deep dive session, Brian will illustrate code samples for how to customize and extend the system in an upgrade safe way utilizing the Kentico API. Attend this session to learn how to best use the Kentico EMS API.

What’s covered?

  • The basics – What does Kentico 8.2 offer?
  • First Step to customize - Registering Custom Classes
  • Create Campaigns and Conversions Programmatically
  • Activity Tracking - Creating Custom Activity types
  • Marketing Automation - Creating Custom Steps and Actions
  • Important Kentico K# Macros for Scoring, Automation, and Personalization
  • A few quick Kentico Marketing Solution Optimizations


Kentico EMS API Deep Dive - PDF