Personalizing the UI for Content Editors to Improve Site Quality

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 10:00 AM

Don’t let content edits ruin a great site! Real-life examples from client projects of confusing, unnecessary and useless content and how it has been transformed using Kentico. Many common mistakes and some crazy ideas – why they don’t work, what can be done instead and how Kentico can be personalized to help editors make better content decisions. Content editors, developers, marketers and administrators will gain insights and tools to support consistent quality in site content.

About the Presenter: 

Sally Schmidt, Web Solutions Consultant at Avastone Technologies, a Kentico Gold Partner, has over 15 years of experience in managing design and development of websites, online and mobile applications. An advocate for great user interface design and usability, Sally teams with designers, developers and clients to create applications audiences enjoy using.

Avastone Technologies:

Avastone Technologies, LLC (Avastone) is a web-based application development company that is part of the Heartland Technology Group. Avastone is a Kentico Gold Partner providing end-to-end support for Kentico implementations from business analysis and strategy to design, development, support, and hosting. Avastone is based in Wisconsin and serves clients mainly in the Midwest.


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